Why Microsoft is Worth Taking Seriously Again

For the past ten years or so, Microsoft was honestly considered a joke by people both in the tech industry and by average users. Sure, most people are still using a PC but jokes about Windows Vista, Windows 8, Internet Explorer, and even the infamous virtual assistant Clippy have shown that Microsoft is far from being the leader of the pack. This is starting to change, however, as Microsoft is starting to shape up its act. With new innovations and better products, here’s why Microsoft is finally worth taking seriously.

Microsoft Office

For anyone who’s worked in an office, been in school, or really had to do any serious word processing, spread sheeting, or so on, Microsoft Office was basically considered an industry standard when it came to a deluxe office suite. In fact, this article was typed in Microsoft Word. But 2015 was the year when Microsoft really strived to remind users why Office was so highly regarded.

A lot of this had to do with Microsoft breathing new life into its long struggling Outlook email platform. The program, widely ignored by users for years, was (with the help of start-ups such as Sunrise that Microsoft bought and added to the fold) given new life and optimized for the mobile age. The Outlook app is now an attractive, intuitive email and calendar organization app that allows users to easily snap off messages to their friends.

Windows 10

Windows 8 was basically a joke thanks to its confusing layout and unreliable features. But Windows 10 is finally worth your consideration. The operating system, which is designed for computers, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and their new lineup of phones, is actually a surprisingly powerful operating system. Featuring a happy marriage between user interface mechanics and desktop orientation, it’s definitely the operating system that Windows 8 should’ve been. And surprisingly, fans actually seem to love it. If Microsoft can keep it up and listen to what its users are asking for, 2016 could be an even better year for the company.

While it almost sounds odd, the fact that Windows 10 is meant for multiple devices means that Microsoft offers a huge advantage to developers- they can design one app for different systems. If you’re a developer, think about what it’s like to develop an app for an iPhone and then designing a version for Macs. It’s not nearly as fun, is it? Microsoft is clearly doing what it can to attract developers over to the platform. And while Apple is still dominating the smartphone market, Microsoft could be a real contender thanks to how its new operating system works.

The Tablets

When Microsoft announced the Surface Pro, no one was really taking it seriously. After all, Microsoft hadn’t really had a lot of luck with convincing users to adopt their Windows phones. But as it turned out, Microsoft actually struck gold with the Surface Pro. The tablet/laptop combination (now in its fourth iteration) allows users to enjoy both the functionality of a laptop and the fluid intuitiveness of a tablet. Granted, they’re really more of a laptop than a tablet. But for users frustrated with having to cart around what feels like dozens of devices for different reasons, having an all-in-one platform that allows them to play with apps, type reports, and send off emails offers a significant amount of convenience that users don’t always find with just tablets alone.

So long as Microsoft pays attention to what its fans want and offers new innovations to solve real problems that users face when using their products, Microsoft just may be a strong competitor when it comes to personal technology.

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