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Samsung S8 vs. iPhone 8

Two of the best smartphones coming out in 2017 are going to be the S8 from Samsung and the next edition of the iPhone, whatever it ends up being called. Both of these smartphones are rumored to be some of the most groundbreaking ever released. Apple is aiming to set the bar high with the 10th year anniversary edition of their original iPhone, which was released back in June of 2007. Samsung knows they need to release an impressive device if they hope to keep up with Apple.

The S7 was particularly impressive, and some would argue that it was actually better than the iPhone 7 models. It has the ability to charge wirelessly, and has a bit better water-resistance rating than the iPhone 7. However, it’s a new year, so the important thing now is which of these fine companies will be releasing a better smartphone in 2017, which remains to be seen.

Apple vs. Samsung Smartphones in 2017

Remember that the majority of the information out there about Apple’s new smartphone, as well as the next smartphone from Samsung, is based on rumors. That being said, much of this information will no doubt find its way into one of these smartphones, and if not this year then maybe in one of the later models.

OLED Screens

One thing that has people particularly excited is a screen with organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology. OLED displays, unlike LED displays, don’t need a backlight since they produce their own light. These screens enable a phone to be much lighter, since the phone won’t need a backlight in it to produce its light. Those that are wanting to

4K Display

4K-resolution televisions are the latest big thing when it comes to entertainment. Rumor has it that it might be coming to smartphones before long as well. Many smartphones are already capable of shooting 4K video. It makes sense that they would be able to properly view the content they were creating. Having a 4K-quality screen would enable users to get unbelievably good quality shows, whether they were watching Netflix, Hulu, or another video streaming service.

Wireless Charging

The ability to charge wirelessly is something that Samsung already put into the S7. Apple is behind in this department, but maybe they’ll sneak this feature into the 7s and 7s Plus. If not, their opportunity to catch up to Samsung is going to come through the iPhone 8 (or whatever it ends up being called). This is a feature that smartphone owners will one day take for granted, but as of right now most still need to be plugged into an outlet in order to catch a charge.

Screen Across the Phone

Having a screen that extends across the entire face of the phone is something that Apple is rumored to have in store for the next edition of the iPhone. This is a unique feature that could help set the iPhone 8 apart from its competitors out there.

All Glass

Another rumor having to do with Apple’s smartphone is that it may be made of all glass. The last few iPhones haven’t been made this way, but it could help in the realm of wireless charging. Keep an eye out for this feature in one of the new iPhones.

Whether someone prefers Samsung or Apple will depend on more than a couple new features. Chances are, they’re already sold on one or the other. But that doesn’t stop these smartphone giants from continuing to innovate and make the best products they are capable of. Keep an eye out for these releases in 2017.

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